Culinary Solution to Fitness

Want to keep up with the current ‘fitness’ times and still not deny yourself a tasty meal. It’s quite a fix, to be honest, but not unachievable per se. While it’s good to be in touch with your inner nag to keep pushing for being healthy, it’s also necessary that you keep yourself motivated. And what better than food to do the honours.
Considering that health doesn’t come easily. There are a lot of things one has to inculcate to reach that desired point. Food, however, is a very big factor. Resorting to classic salads is one suggestion you usually get when trying to stay fit.
Only a few tell how hard it is to stick to that suggestion. It’s only imperative that you minimise the hardship your taste buds suffer.
And so the culinary gods came up with a solution that adhered to both health and taste. Salad dressing in its full glory has the power to sate you inexplicably. To reap the best out of it is only more fetching if not much.

Here are a few pointers leading to happy taste buds –
• Components – It is very important that you choose the correct dressing ingredients to get good results. Things like the oil, acids, flavours, and binders etc. which basically make or break your effort of putting together the desired result.
• Ratios – Obviously the proportions also decide how your dressing would fare. I won’t be exaggerating if say the ratios of the components are the base of your dressing. However, this can be altered according to one’s liking and taste.
• Variations – Directly connected with your taste and liking, variations are simply the addition or subtraction of components that you prefer more. Like adding more honey or maple syrup as the binder if one likes it sweeter.

Salad dressing, in short, provides you with the best of both worlds, health, and taste. So it’s only smarter to grab onto it and treating yourself with the best.


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