My fan-FAT-astic life


Hi, I am Prachi.

I am a media professional, and an aspiring writer.

Also a double major in two verticals (Too ambitious for my own good I guess)

Well leaving that aside.

I am a 24 years old fat girl, weighing about 68kgs with a waistline of 36.

Now my question is, is being fat a better description of how I am as a person? Did it by any chance give an illustration of what I am?

Definitely didn’t help me in picturing my personality. However, I came across this twisted line of thought of the society that left me thinking.

So, as the norm goes my family too is searching for a guy for me to get married. But lately, I have been hearing these odd reasons or excuses from my family that certain guy’s families are not keen to get ahead since I am fat.

Yeah, I shouldn’t be shocked but I am. From then on my family has been on my back telling me to lose weight, not for health reasons but so that I can get a boy to marry. It has been quite a colourful argument since.

My point is nobody ever gave excuses and said, “Oh! your daughter is more educated than my son”, or that “Oh! your daughter has a pleasing personality”.

Someone of the ‘aunt’ category pointed out to me, “will you search for a fat girl for your brother?”. And pat popped a question in my mind, is the physical appearance the first criteria rather than personality, behaviour, education and the likes.

Understood that physical appearance matters, but the fact is it’s all superficial. One’s skin colour and body type won’t remain the same forever.

While mine is not the only case. A good friend once told me that a prospective boy’s family made an objection stating that she is of a darker complexion. It didn’t matter that she was earning more, was more educated and had an amazing persona. (What an amazingly stunted thought, I know)

This is what bothers me, that hoping for a person with a steady head having more than two brain cells is considered secondary.

The illusion of appearance has the society running behind it. And I for one hope to look beyond it.


10 thoughts on “My fan-FAT-astic life

  1. Nicely written Prachi!
    Good to see you taking an awesome stance on this..i had a proffessor who once said “how awesome it would be if we humans saw each other as souls with bodies and not the otherway around”..anyway good to see you blogging

    Liked by 1 person

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