I got promoted !! Well, to say that I’m happy would be the biggest understatement. So, I’ll just leave it at that ‘I am happy’.

A heady feeling now also carried a lot anticipation for a long time. From 31st December 2015 to 2nd September 2016 to be precise.

It all started with a call from my teacher turned best friend, Tamanna(Tammy) on new years eve, “I am pregnant”, she said, and what followed was the madman dance and squeals from my side. After a call of about an hour and all the crazy make-believe stories that ran through my mind left me overwhelmed.

With the new year also started the wait. To be honest, being the eldest sibling in my family I thought I knew the whole process of babies and the hoo-ha that comes with it. Also, assuming the common ‘9 months’  story as seen in the movies & tv looked pretty decent and understandable.

It was only a few days later when Tammy showed me the baby scan images and explained what she learnt at the check-up. And dare I say while tammy was on with her explanation I was contemplating, whoa seriously we now wait & judge the process week-wise (I know it’s dumb, but hey after being Bollywood and telly wood schooled, you hardly give much ado to pregnancies).

And the wait continued with several more such images, future fun plans when the baby comes and what not. With each passing fortnightly check-ups increased the hovering tendencies, so much so that I literally felt like a freaking helicopter buzzing over Tammy like, “Did you have lunch? Medicine? Do you feel fine?” (Believe me, this was fun too)

“Shazam! She is going, oh yes she’ll need to” went on in my fickle mind when Tammy told she’s going to her parent’s place for the rest of her pregnancy.

What came next was the war of zodiacs, “The baby will be a Leo.” “No, the baby will be a Virgo.” Every morning we woke up and messaged each other “Do you think today is the day?” (I really hoped the baby to come on my birthday by the way, which was somewhat near the expected date but moreover Tammy’s instincts)

26th August 2016 – “It should happen now already yaar”, she said.

31st August 2016 – “I’m going to see the doc now, yes tomorrow or day after I’ll see the doc”

1st September 2016 – “The doc said they’ll admit me next I come,” Tammy said

2nd September 2016 –  11am I call Tammy thinking she must now be in the hospital and she doesn’t pick up confirming my guess.

1:30pm Bejesus! really, was the first thing I thought when I got a call from Tammy and she tells me that she is in the hospital and is chilling on the phone as the doctor has admitted her but has told to wait. I honestly didn’t have just one specific feeling, it was a bouquet of feelings, fear, joy, anticipation, nervousness and god knows what not.

10:30pm – “It’s a boy!!” she messaged. And immediately I give  a call to congratulate and know how she is feeling (old habits die-hard)

11pm – I get a picture, and I’m not able to believe. He is so cute and beautiful I think. The picture showed the proof of my promotion, I am a Maasi now, I squealed with joy.

A few days later when Tammy got discharged and told me her birthstory, I was yet again caught in shock and surprise with the details. It was at twilight on 2nd September 2016 exact that I got promoted just so you know.

Today, after a month of baby stories, the day he got the name ‘PRATHAM’, all the daily pictures for the eagerly waiting maasi, I can proudly say that this one is the cutest promotions I could get from my teacher/best friend. Loads and loads of love tammy…..

Yo Maasi !!

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