How long to fight ? I ponder.

Questioning the very system of life in its entirety.

The struggle to keep flying ardent in my mind still etched deep and seemingly permanent.

Fighting the storms, that often transform to blizzards battering my delicate wings.

Wings that are supple but determined. But, now as I face the dark veil praying to the almighty for strength.

Not so that I get to see the end, but so that I get to be on the side of light.

As it still rages on, I wonder.

How long can it be withstood?

Or, how will my wings be at the end of it?

Adamant, I stand, endeavour and rise, stubborn not to fall. Although secretly fearing failure and its consequences.

The end has come and the storm has passed. And there I stand or rather stumble with tattered wings still pondering, what the fight got me.

Still questioning, but now not only,

My strength,

My sanity,

but also my identity.

Am I the angel with the earnest eyes or the devil with the victorious grin and tattered wings ???


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