Mocking Life!

Is it really so bad to expect or is it just that it’s true what people say that expectations hurt?
One always seeks a place of their own,
a place where one truly belongs and people will just understand them and them others.
Is it really too much to expect a place of belonging?
It so seems that belongingness can only be established if understanding and truth actually occurs, and not just an illusion.
But the saddest thing is sometimes,
just sometimes people are not even fortunate enough to even have that illusion, holding together their hollowed pieces.
Expressing your need falls prey to mockery, and one often then falls into a deep abyss, that even erases the hum that goes on in the background.
So, to say it’s always best to protect yourself from slipping through the crevices,
by cocooning yourself to safety.
One that can be called as your own safe shell, wherein all that you are is all that you need!

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